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Aizat Aizuddin

Would recommend DnT for creating a nice kitchen and living space for us. We hacked open the kitchen and dropped the false ceiling (which were just done last year by the previous owner). We did improvements on design as well, ultimately creating a more modern look for a resale flat.

Facebook, 16th June 2019

Alan Neo

Our new home was renovated by Dots ‘n’ Tots. Mr Liew has been really patient and understanding to our needs. Having the first home of our own, there are a lot of areas which we have not thought it through and Mr Liew was not hesitant to give us his honest advices and recommendations based on his many years of experience in this field of work, making the whole process easy and pleasant.

Facebook, 6th June 2019

Samuel Sng

This review goes out to Mr Aaron Tan of Dots n Tots:
During our ID search, Aaron stands out from the rest of the IDs we have surveyed simply because 1) he doesn’t oversell his services, 2) his hands-on approach from our first meeting 3) most importantly, he is a genuine and honest listener. Even after the contract signing and initial deposit, his level of service has been consistent throughout, even after months after the reno, he still delivered outstanding service to us by rectifying minor issues that were not detected earlier. He never once made us feel like we were bothersome and was always receptive to feedback and suggestions. I feel that renovation is not solely the job of the ID and the contractors – but should be a teamwork effort with the home owners as well. IDs are not psychic to read minds and know what we homeowners want/ don’t want/ like/ dislike if it was not communicated properly – right? I can only say that the teamwork with Aaron went splendidly well – and the final outcome of the renovation speaks for itself – me and my wife are very satisfied!

Facebook, 30th May 2019

Jo Luo

We are recommended by friend for our dream home renovation, we would like to give a big thanks and good comment to our ID Aaron Tan. Aaron has been extremely patient for every detail of our dream home renovation discussion. He also really impress us is his great attitude and prompt reply our question and issue. Thanks again Aaron! I will definitely recommend Aaron tan to our friend in future for home renovation.

Facebook, 28th May 2019

Tiffany Siowfung

Aaron was recommended by one of my besties, he can gv suggestion and concept to us at the initial stage as we have no experience at all. The renovation was punctual and follow up on minor issues has been done quickly eventhough after hand over. Reasonable price and overall good workmanship.

Facebook, 28th May 2019

‎Kai Ling Teo‎

Had a fantastic home-building experience with Jayden at Dots n Tots!

Was recommended to Jayden by a friend who had both hers and her sister’s house done up by him, and we did not regret having gone with him:

1. Reasonable quote
Having done our homework and gone through so many IDs/ contractors, Dots n Tots had one of the most competitive quotes for all the work that we were asking for.

2. Good quality
Despite a reasonable quote, quality was not compromised. Everything, down to carpentry work and painting, were of good quality.

3. Consultative
What we really appreciated about Jayden, was how he would always strive to understand what we really wanted, and seek to clarify before confirming and executing the plans. Through the process, he would also provide suggestions and advice (e.g. pros and cons of our choice) based on his experience, but had never once imposed any of these on us. He always made sure that the house was done the way we wanted it to be, without being pushy.

4. Super responsible and responsive
While my husband and I were both busy at work, we knew we could entrust the renovation process to Jayden’s care. While we tried to drop by once a week to check on the renovation progress, we relied mostly on Jayden’s constant updates with photos and texts on the status of the project via Whatsapp.

5. Great after service
Even after moving in for a month now, Jayden is still responsive when we find that some touch-ups are needed, and would be quick to help us to rectify the details we requested for.

Above all, Jayden is very friendly and easy-going, making the whole home renovation process a very enjoyable one. There was lots of jokes and laughter through the whole process, and we’re grateful to have him make it such a memorable experience.

We would definitely recommend Jayden to anyone who is seeking an affordable, good-quality, trustworthy and friendly ID, who has great ideas and recommendations for your consideration.

Facebook, July 29th, 2018

Evlyn Kwee

This was not my first time using Dots ‘n’ Tots but it was my first using a designer, Tyler. truly exceeded my expectations. He is really good at his job! I can’t wait to work with him again in the future when we get our next home.

Facebook, July 13th, 2018

Caleb Castro

Liew from Dots N Tots Interior was very attentive to our requests and took the time to clarify details with us as far as we required. He was super on the ball providing updates and responding almost immediately whenever we had queries. Even in the single instance where something wasn’t installed the way we expected, he rectified it quickly without complaint. Really appreciated that we could communicate openly with him and that we never had to worry as clear timelines set were adhered to. In fact, we are grateful for Liew’s patience when there were some issues on our end that led to delays. He was still able to work within the timeline to have the renovations completed as planned! Although he is a contractor, he is experienced enough to provide suggestions and advise on practicality. He also provided some 3D drawings so that we could visualise our choices better before his team started on the work. He would advise against unnecessary spending and work together with us to prioritise what reno works to do based on the given budget. We will definitely engage him again for any renovations in future!

Overall, we did not do major reno as the house was in pretty good condition. Kitchen was lightly used and just renovated by the previous owner 5 years ago. Bathrooms as well so deep cleaning was sufficient. The biggest things were some hacking works, carpentry and vinyl overlay in the master bedroom. Aside from replacing the sink and some electrical works, the rest were minor touches.

Facebook, June 25th, 2018

Valerie Ng

Aaron from Dots N Tots understands what we want and give advises to resolve problems. We could trust tat he will deliver what was promised! One of our favourite part of our house is the kitchen…

Facebook, May 14th, 2018

Yvonne Chieng

This is my best designer and Sub contractor i have met ,Liew is Friendly, honesty and responsibility, and always give me the best advice and ideas for renovation. Eventhough i keep on caling him He always explained and replied To me patiently. Sincere and gave me a very reasonable price in the market. Thank you!


Facebook, May 8th, 2018

Andrew Koh

My family loves the new house designed by Ryan. Ryan is responsible and honest. Although we may be demanding, he always meet up to our expections.

Thank you and appreciate very much to Ryan.
From Happy Owners (Andrew and family)


Facebook, May 1, 2018

Dawn Akiko

Great design for my house. Thank you Ryan for the great work. My family like the new house.

Facebook, May 1, 2018

Ai Ying

I would like to thank your staff Liew for the help rendered when we contacted him recently for some plumbing issues. He responded promptly when we contacted him and managed to get someone coming in to help us check out the problem within a few days. We are very satisfied with the after sales support at 8 months post renovation.

Facebook, April 5th, 2018

Matthew Low

Hi Dots ‘n’ Tots interior design!

I would like to extend my appreciation to your ID, Mr. Ryan Ho whom i have engaged in end 2017 for my BTO renovation.
My wife and I was looking around for an interior designer firm to cater for our budget, ideas and tons of question bombarded by us. We came across Dots ‘n’ Tots through many nice photo and good review from facebook so we decided to pay a visit to your company. Ryan shared with us some concept and design which could incorporate into our idea and further improve the overall picture. We were quite impressed with his honesty, creativity as well as professionalism hence we decided to give him an opportunity to work on his and our ideas.
The renovation started at the end of the year, which is also a tough period for securing contractors. Ryan was efficient and responsible from the way he handles the project. He was very sharp in pointing out the potential issue we might face due to limitation in our house and provide adequate solution to ensure our design doesn’t drift to far apart. On off there’s bound to have some minor hiccup during the renovation but Ryan will let us know immediately on the issue and will resolve asap without chasing him.
Ryan possessed excellent communication skill that allow us to understand the work required to perform and first hand news on the progress through whatsapp and call.
It’s a privilege for me to work with such a professional and congratulation to your company for having such a fine employee. I will certainly recommend Ryan to people who need to shape their home.
Also received many positive feedback from relatives and friends on the design and carpentry work too. Sincerely want to thanks Ryan for his hardwork and always answering our message/query/issue on a timely manner.

Thanks(Happy Owner),
Matt and Violet !!

Facebook, April 2th, 2018

Grace Kwek

We have just moved into our new home and would like to thank our ID Jayden for all the time and effort spent on the renovation. What impressed us about him is his honesty and trustworthiness. He is transparent about pricing matters, and would often give us timely updates about the renovation progress. He understood our requirements very well, and proposed several ideas that we liked. We are really glad that our home looks similar to the 3d drawings provided. Thank you Jayden!


Facebook, March 16th, 2018

Hafizah Hamzah

We had gotten Jayden from Dots ‘N’ Tots as our Interior Designer. We are very happy with the service and work that he had provided us.

Right from the start, Jayden impressed us immediately with his sharp eye for details. He even spotted the inaccuracy in measurements and scale from our plan immediately and pointed it out to us. This was even before we had agreed to or signed any contract with him. He had done so out of his own goodwill. He is also a very earnest and non-judgmental person. He understood that we had a bit of a tight budget to work with and he put in his very best to deliver the renovations according to what we wanted.

When we signed the contract, Jayden helped us along every step of the way. He was very prompt to reply us whenever we had enquiries or anything that we were not satisfied or sure of. He gave us timely updates and pictures to show the progress of our renovation. We did not have to chase him for updates. Jayden also informed us beforehand of the dates on which parts of the renovation works were going to be done. As a result, the renovation schedule was very clear and transparent for us.

Jayden constantly gave us very good advice and options without being pushy or unhappy even when we didn’t choose his option. He gave us space and ideas to play with in designing our home. He also offered materials and items that match our budget and did not try to push us to get unnecessary items or overpriced items. He was always friendly and down to earth in his conversations. We enjoyed interacting with him very much. It was always a pleasure knowing that he was contactable at any time and how he was happy to message us.

We are very happy with the service and end product that Jayden and Dots ‘N’ Tots have delivered us. Thank you once again, Jayden, for helping us achieve our lovely home and making the renovation a happy and minimum worry process!

Facebook, March 9th, 2018

Benson Lim

Heartfelt gratitude to Ryan Ho for designing and constructing our little home. A well-experienced ID who knows his work. Considering our place is an old 5A HDB, he knew all the potential problems that we may faced and proposed alternate ideas to resolve. Very patient, reliable and hardworking chap who is always smiling. Thanks Ryan and Happy New Year! 

Facebook, Facebook 16th, 2018

Aileen Chong

We are thankful our reno is finally over. But more than that, we were glad that we had Aaron on this journey with us. Ideas may have mostly come from us. But ideas will remain as ideas if there wasnt someone to bring that idea to life. Aaron was responsive to us and also any issues he tries to get it resolved. So thank you to Aaron and the team of people working on our house for making our ideas and dreams come to life.



Facebook, February 7th, 2018

Chang Wei Hean

Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Group Pte Ltd.

Dear Aaron Tan

I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided on last year Dec when we engaged you for renovation. Your attention to detail, patient communication skills, and ready smile made the entire process experiences even better than I expected.
Irregardless of day or night, your responsiveness is always fast & get thing done, and to us, most important we are able to see the completion on-time & all aspect meeting expectation.
I would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs a renovation service in the future. Keep up the good work & excellent service.

Henry Chang & Family

Facebook, January 13th, 2018

Lim Sheilee

Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Group Pte Ltd.

We are thankful to our interior designer (aaron@dotsntots.com.sg) for his patience, responsive and excellent service throughout the renovation process.
Great big thanks to Aaron Tan for his hard work and we are highly recommend him to anyone who are looking for an interior design.

Facebook, February 4th, 2018

Leaw Chuili

Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Group Pte Ltd.

Thanks Aaron for such a nice work. We are satisfied with the work. Appreciate it! Highly recommended if you are looking for an ID. 

January, 29th January, 2018

Jane Teo

Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Group Pte Ltd.

Choosing and entrusting our home to trustworthy Interior designer often comes with risks. Before we confirm to entrust our home to our ID, Aaron Tan, we have scouted for several interior firms and spoken to many interior designers. What Aaron really stands up is his professionalism, patient, great ideas and also working towards our budget. We already had some ideas in mind on our house concept which is not very common and Aaron has been extremely patient and accommodating towards our ever changing requests, whilst not forgetting to provide us with his professional ideas that is highly valued. As expected with any renovations, there has been minor hiccups along the way but Aaron has never failed to resolve it in a very professional and speedy manner. What also really impress us is his great attitude and promptness to attend our every questions (Day and night), providing us with his valuable advises/ feedbacks.

We would definitely recommend Aaron Tan to our friends in future as it has been a superb and excellent experience with him! So glad that we make the right choice – a BIG thank you for making our dream home a reality for our family, Aaron Tan!! Thumbs up !!!


Facebook, January 28th, 2018